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We have the honor of inviting you to the 16th edition of the International Conference Series on Historic Structures which will be held between November 5 and 7, 2015 in Cluj-Napoca (Cluj County, Romania). The topic of the conference is Applicability of Technical regulations.

The organisers of the conference would like to draft a set of regulations, which will be presented to the participants beforehand. The presentations will discuss different types of historic buildings, the heritage value and protection of historic structures, the national regulations related to the interventions on historic structures and the manner in which these regulations are put into force on building conservation sites. In addition, the conference will examine potentially differentiated applicability degrees of technical regulations related to various interventions, as well as case studies illustrating the applicability of technical regulations concerning interventions on historic structures.

More information about the conference and the participation requirements you can find in the OFFICIAL INVITATION.

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