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Transsylvania Nostra journal
Editorial Plan
No.  Title  Author  LanguageHeading  Observation
1/20078 Wooden Churches from Maramureş Inscribed on the World Heritage ListAna BârcăRoGreetings:
Szabó Bálint

Editor in Charge:
Szabó Bálint
 An Exceptional Experience of Structural Restoration: The „Endless Column” of Constantin BrâncuşiMircea Crişan
Rodica Crişan
 Historic Building Conservation at Baia MareGálocsy ElekHu
 Transylvanian Churches in the Stress Field between Intentions and PossibilitiesPaul NiedermaierG
 The Roof Structure of the Lutheran Church on Huet Square in SibiuSzabó BálintHu
2/2007Hermannstadt on the „world map”?Fejérdy TamásSpecial Edition

Vasile Mitrea

Editor in Charge:
Szabó Bálint
 Sacred and Profane in an European City 1150-2007)Dana MarcuRo
 Valuation of the Artistic Details of the Edifices' FacadesIon BucurRo
 The Haller House in Sibiu: Newly Revealed Carved StonesNagy BenjáminHu
 Thalia Sibiu – Complex Rehabilitation WorksGuttmann SzabolcsRo
 Huet Square – A Bridge Across TimeMarius PorumbRo
3-4/2007Tusnad 2007 – SibiuSzabó BálintRo Special Double

Tusnad – 2007

Kirizsán Imola

Editor in Charge:
Kirizsán Imola
 The Rehabilitation of the Old Town if Sibiu, RomaniaSteffen MindnerDe
 A global-Urban Scale Experience: The Program for the Restoration of Facades and Interior Courtyards of the Historic Centre of SibiuSergiu NistorRo
 Chances and Risks within the European Union Related to the Built and Landscape Heritage of Eastern-EuropeMáté ZsoltHu
 Sibiu 2007 - Is the Capital of Culture Also the Capital of Urban RehabilitationDorin BoilăRo
 Interventions into the Roof Structures of the Asylum for Elderly People, SibiuKirizsán Imola, Szabó Balint, Vass LászlóHu
 Rights and Obligations of the Historic Monuments' OwnersMáté Zsolt, Philippe PiéreuseHu, Eng
 Tusnad 2009 in Rimetea?Christoph MachatRo
 Observations on the Topic of the Tusnad 2007 Conference: The Global Protections of Historical TownsVasile MitreaRo
 Another Loss, László Máté (1957-2007)Benczédi SándorHu
1-2/2008Conservation Works Have Started at Deva CastleSzabó BálintHu
 Major Historical Earthquakes in Romania Dan LunguRo
 The Mathias I Sculptural Group from Cluj-NapocaZsuzsanna Eke Hu
 The Biological Research of the Matthias I Sculptural GroupLivia BucşaRo
 The Preliminary Load-Bearing Structural Assessment of the Matthias I Sculptural Group's PedimentSzabó BálintHu
 Diagnosis of the Historic Substance of Buzău CityOctavian GheorghiuRo
3/2008About the Transylvanian Painted Coffered CeilingsMihaly FerencHuEdition Artistic Elements

Ferenc Mihály

Editor in Charge:
Ferenc Mihály
 The Bánffy Palace from ClujNagy BenjaminHu
 Emergency and preventive conservation of Abandoned Churches in TransylvaniaKiss Lorand - Pal PeterEng
 About Investigations Preliminary to Reinforcement and Conservation of the Matthias I Sculptural Group Kolozsi TiborRo
4/2008The Mechanical Approach to Roof Structure ClassificationSzabó BálintRo, Eng, HuEdition Historic Timber Structures

Greetings: Szabó Bálint

Editor in Charge:
Kirizsán Imola
 The Gothic Roof Structure of the church in Bistriţa — Research, RehabilitationIoana Rus, Kirizsán ImolaRo, Eng, Hu
 Medieval Roof Structures (in Comparing Sweden and Romania)Carl ThelinEng
 The Beginnings of Dendrochronology in TransylvaniaBotár IstvánHu
 Roof Structures in Belgium in Research and Tuition ProgrammesLuc SchueremansEng
 Barque Roof Structures in TransylvaniaMakay DorottyaHu
1/2009Historic Timber Structures: Report of the organizing committeeSzabó BálintRo, Eng, HuEdition Historic Timber Structures

Takács Enikő
 Data to the History of the Transylvanian WoodworkingMihály FerencHu
 The Mechanics of Historic Roof StructuresSzabó BálintRo
 Diagnostics of Historic Roof StructuresFátrai GyörgyHu
 Timber Churches - Architecture versus Painting. What do we Chose?Ana BârcăRo
2/2009International (Scientific) Committee of Vernacular Architecture - CIAV (Comité International d'Architecture Vernaculaire)Christoph MachatEng, GEdition Transylvanian Vernacular Architecture

Fejérdy Tamás
 The Structure of Settlements in Banat-Arad Region and Vernacular ArchitectureTeodor-Octavian GheorghiuRo
 The Architectural Heritage of RimeteaFuru ÁrpádHu
 Biological Decay of Timber Structures at Historic Monuments and Open Air MuseumsLivia Bucşa, Corneliu BucşaRo
 Inventory as the Basis of ProtectionBalassa M. IvánHu
 Dobrudja - A Multicultural and Multi-ethnic AreaPaula PopoiuRo
3/2009The Vernacular and the Multicultural DialogueChristoph MACHATDeEdition Tusnad 2009

Benczédi Sándor
 Rimetea Document
Declaraţia de la Rimetea
Torockói dokumentum
Eng, Ro, Hu
 The Protection of Architecture in the National Village MuseumAna BÂRCĂRo
 Dwellings and Interior Furnishing of the Roma in the Three Seats Region (Covasna County – Romania)KINDA IstvánHu
 Preliminary Notes on the Vernacular Heritage in the Arab RegionHossam MAHDY Eng
 Selection of My Works on Vernacular Architectural RehabilitationSISA BélaHu
 Gimme (Ethnic) Shelter Marc de CARAFFE Eng
 The Power of Example – Şmig Village (Sibiu Count –Romania) Aurelian STROE Ro
 The Rural House in Tabasco, MexicoGerardo TORRES ZÁRATE
4/2009Forms and Methods of Education in the Field of Heritage Conservation at Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenLuc SCHUEREMANS
Politics of education in the field of heritage protection

Rodica Crişan
 On the Formation of the Present and Future “Restorer Architect”. The “Ion Mincu –Bucharest Version Hanna DERER Ro
 Built Heritage Conservation Training at the Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsMEZŐS Tamás Hu
 Postgraduate Training in the Field of Built Heritage Intervention. THBCS–TTF–BBU Version SZABÓ Bálint Ro
 Interventions on Built Heritage in Cluj County in 1947-1977. Case Study of the Roman Catholic Church from Floreşti Commune, Cluj County Ioana RUS Ro
 The Building of the Former Patria Inn, Bucharest. Proposal for Functional Conservation and Restoration of the ElevationsIuliana BUCURESCU Ro
 The Restoration and Use of House 25, H. Oberth Square (Sighişoara)FARCZÁDI RóbertHu
 The Tailors’ Tower – the Bethlen Bastion – an Urban Culture Centre. Listed Historic Building – Object, Subject, Symbol (1475-1629-2009) Georgiana TIRTRo
 A Fragment of the Urban Tissue of PiteştiAnca MULŢESCU Ro
1/2010The Lutheran Church A. C. in Bistriţa
New data regarding the history of its construction phases
Ioana RUSRo, EngThe Lutheran Church A. C. in Bistriţa

Johann Dieter KRAUSS
Ovidiu Teodor CREŢU
 Archaeological Research at the Lutheran Church A. C. in BistriţaCorneliu GAIURo, Eng
 The Fire in 2008 at the Lutheran Church A. C. in BistriţaEKE ÉvaRo, Eng
 Emergency Intervention at the Lutheran Church A. C. in BistriţaSZABÓ Bálint – EKE Éva Ro, Eng
 The Fire-damaged Lutheran Church A. C. in Bistriţa
The Tower's Altered and Perished Carved Stone Elements
NAGY BenjáminHu, Eng
 The Murals of the Lutheran Church A. C. in BistriţaKISS Lóránd Hu, Eng
 The Furniture of the Lutheran Church A. C. in BistriţaMIHÁLY Ferenc – EKE Zsuzsanna Hu, Eng
 The Roof Structures of the Lutheran Church A. C. in Bistriţa
Interventions after the Fire on June 11, 2008
KIRIZSÁN Imola – SZABÓ Bálint Ro, Eng
2/2010Contemporary Threats Affecting Historic Buildings: An Overview of the ICOMOS ApproachSergiu NISTORRo, EngEdition
Heritage at Risk

 Dangers Greater than DisastersVirgil POPRo, Eng
 Problems Affecting Urban Heritage in Transylvanian Historic TownsVasile MITREARo, Eng
 Forms of Aggression Affecting the Built Heritage from TimişoaraLiliana ROŞIURo, Eng
 Arad – Heritage Values Between Protection and DestructionTeodor Octavian GHEORGHIURo, Eng
 Perished Painted Wooden Ceilings in ChurchesMIHÁLY FerencHu, Eng
 Decaying Murals in TransylvaniaLÁNGI JózsefHu, Eng
3/2010Structural Assessment of Masonry in Ruinous State: Typology, Materials Behaviour, Non-destructive Techniques and Consolidation Luc SCHUEREMANSEng, RoEdition
Historic Structures - Fortress Engineering

Bálint SZABÓ
 Once a Ruin… Always a Ruin? - Thoughts on the Diagnostic Survey of Ruins DÉR IstvánHu, Eng
 Biological Degradation of FortificationsLivia BUCȘARo, Eng
 Archaeology of RuinsDaniela MARCU ISTRATERo, Eng
 Increased use of ruins through secured masonry and comfortable climate Kristin BALKSTEN, Tor BROSTRÖM, Malin MYRIN, Carl THELIN, Rebeca KETTUNEN, Ulrika MEBUSEng, Ro
 Roman Cement - a Sensational Discovery of the 19th Century: A Material Destinated for Civil Engineering Boom and Pan-Europeanization Mirela Ileana WEBERRo, Eng
4/2010István Möller’s Work and Its Significance to the Conservation of Monuments in TransylvaniaIoana RUSRo, EngEdition
The Work of István MÖLLER

Access of the historic buildings to the European Union's funds

 The Professional Activity of István MÖLLER in Hunedoara CountyRadu LUPESCURo, Eng
 The Conservation Principles and Practice of István MÖLLERSARKADI MártonRo, Eng
 Structural Funds for Conservation and Sustainable Valorisation of the Cultural Heritage and Promotion of TourismTAKÁCS EnikõRo, Eng
 Conservation and Rehabilitation of the “Casino” Historic Building in the “Simion Bărnuțiu” Park, Cluj-NapocaAnamaria SZEKELYRo, Eng
 Conservation Works at Oradea Fortress Financed from European Union Structural FundsEMÕDI TamásHu, Eng
 Attempts to Safeguard the Saxon Architectural HeritageOLASZ GabriellaRo, Eng
 Past, Present and Future in the Báthori Castle from Şimleu SilvanieiTAKÁCS EnikõRo, Eng
1/2011Aspects Related to the Conservation of the Bronze Statues of the Matthias I Sculptural Group Located in the Main Square of Cluj-NapocaKOLOZSI TiborRo, EngGreetings:
 Structural Renovation of the Matthias I Sculptural Group's Pediment in ClujSZABÓ BálintHu, Eng
 On Transylvanian Sounding BoardsMIHÁLY FerencHu, Eng
 The Conservation of the Fortified Church in Drăuşeni (Draas, Homoróddaróc)Christoph MACHATDe, Eng
 Introducing the Műemlékvédelem JournalVALTER IlonaHu, Eng
 A Statistic Analysis of the Structure of National Conservation Plan (2007-2010)Dan LUNGURo, Eng
 Rehabilitating the Historic Doors and Windows of the Márton Áron CollegeSÁROSI BélaHu, Eng
 Transylvanian Historic Roof Structures DatabaseKIRIZSÁN ImolaRo, Eng
2/2011Conservation of Castles and Ruins
Conservations and Renewed Conservations of Ruins in the Past Decade
ARNÓTH ÁdámHu, EngEdition
TUSNAD 2011 (international)

 Fortresses Once Again in Use
San Juan Fortifications Case Study
Milagros FLORES ROMANEng, Ro
 Introducing the Prussian System to the Coastal Defence of Tallinn, an Important Naval Base of the Russian Empire (1820-1840)Robert TREUFELDTEng, Ro
 Castle Ruins in Western Slovakia
Research, Preservation and Conservation
Filip JAŠŠO – Noémi LACZKOVÁEng, Ro
 Castles and Non-Governmental Organisations in HungaryTEREI GyörgyHu, Eng
 Systems and Schools of Bulwarked Fortification Adopted in Elvas (Portugal)Domingos BUCHOEng, Ro
 Short History about the Historical Development of Fortifications in Europe and their Typology in Modern AgeHans-Robert NEUMANNEng, Ro
 In memoriam Maksay Ádám (1937-2001)Ro, Hu, Eng
 NewsRo, Hu, Eng
3/2011The Initiation of Emergency Listing Procedures for the “Bucharest Fortress”
The Capital’s Fortification System – the End of the 19th Century
Josef KOVACS - Margareta MIHĂILESCURo, EngEdition

SZABÓ Bálint
 Rehabilitation History of Hunedoara CastleLUPESCU RaduHu, Eng
 Arad Fortress
The Relationship with the Historical Area’s Evolution and Regeneration Prospects
Liliana ROŞIURo, Eng
 The History of the Károlyi Manor House in Ardud, in the Light of Recent ResearchesEKE ZsuzsannaHu, Eng
 Archaeological Contributions to the Study of the Ardud Manor HouseDaniela MARCU ISTRATERo, Eng
 Interventions on the Károlyi Manor House in ArdudBUDA ZsuzsannaHu, Eng
 Conservation and Presentation of Roman Ruin FragmentsMEZŐS TamásHu, Eng
4/2011Seven Years Since the Completion of Consolidation-Conservation Works at the Saint George Church in Lupşa, Alba CountyDiana Ancuţa IMECSRo, EngEdition
Built Heritage Conservation in the last 20 years

Virgil POP
 A Compromised ConservationVirgil POPRo, Eng
 UTILITAS 1991-2011SZABÓ BálintRo, Eng
 1992-2012. Twenty Years of Historic Building Conservation in Romania
Observations, Assessments, References
 The Past Twenty Years of Hungarian Built Heritage Conservation in Transylvania
“Apparently a Shiny House of Cards or a Multitude of Scattered Splinters of Values”
BENCZÉDI SándorHu, Eng
 A Marginal Note on ConservationMIHÁLY FerencHu, Eng
 A Few Unknown Aspects from the History of the Bánffy Palace, Today the Cluj- Napoca Museum of ArtsIoana RUSRo, Eng
 CO.RE. Built Heritage – ICOMOS Booklet Series, No. 2Ioana RUSRo, Hu, Eng
 Liber discipulorum. Studies Celebrating Prof. Kovács András 65th AnniversaryKOVÁCS ZsoltRo, Hu, Eng
 Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Roof StructuresBUCUR-HORVÁTH IldikóRo, Hu, Eng
1/2012Die Dokumentation der Befestigungsanlagen und die Verteidigungsstrategie der Siebenbürger Sachsen im späten MittelalterChristoph MACHATDe, EngGreetings:
Liliana ROȘIU
 “Heritage Lets”
The Re-use of Historic Fortifications as Tourist Rental Accommodation in Jersey
Antony GIBB - Nicholas DANBYRo, Eng
 The Conservation History of the Birthplace of King Matthias I in Cluj-NapocaEKE ZsuzsannaHu, Eng
 Missing Links in the Law Protecting Built Heritage
Protection, Management and Decentralization
Sergiu NISTORRo, Eng
 The Theory and Practice of Fortifications’ ResearchMEZŐS TamásHu, Eng
 Celebrating 20 Years of TUSNAD ConferencesSZABÓ BálintEng, Ro, Hu
2/2012The Architectural Lighting of Historic Urban Ensembles and Historic Buildings
A Subjective, Perfectible Point of View
Edmund G. OLSEFSZKYRo, EngEdition

 Conservation of the Central Area in Baia Mare CityIldikó MITRURo, Eng
 The Archaeological Cadastre
Terminology, Achievements, Perspective
Virginia RĂDEANURo, Eng
 “Bucharest 2000” and the Enhancement of the Historic Building StockPeter DERERRo, Eng
A Sick Town, with Urban Planning Dreams Abandoned During Its Existence
Gheorghe HEREŞRo, Eng
 Concerns of the Urban Plan for the Protected Built Area in Arad MunicipalityElisabeta COSMA - Dana Cornelia POPESCURo, Eng
 In memoriam HLAVATHY Izabella (1956–2012)BENCZÉDI SándorEng, Ro, Hu
 As the Star Crosses the Sky...SZABÓ BálintEng, Ro, Hu
3/2012Historic Load-bearing Structures and the SocietySZABÓ Bálint - KIRIZSÁN ImolaRo, EngEdition
Historic Load-bearing Structures and the Society

 Building Pathology and Rehabilitation – Master’s Course at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
An Analysis in Terms of Requirements Specific for Historic Load-Bearing Structures
MAKAY Dorottya - SÁNDOR Boróka - BORDÁS BoglárkaRo, Eng
 The Wood Species Used in the Earthquake-resistant Traditional Timber Structures in IstanbulHülya DIŞKAYAEng, Ro
 The Dry Rot Fungi – The Main Enemy of Our Built Environment
Case Study on Eradicating the Dry Rot Infestation of the Saint Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Cioboteni/Şumuleu Ciuc
BABOS RezsőHu, Eng
 Solidity and Utility
Contemporary Architectural Interventions on Spanish Historic Buildings
 NewsEng, Ro, Hu
4/2012Listed Wooden Churches in the Banat Region. Structural Degradations. Consolidation SolutionsMarius MOŞOARCĂ - Victor GIONCURo, EngEdition
Interventions financed from EU sources

 Şimleu Silvaniei: Mechanical Testing for the Addition Mortars at the Inner Ward Ruin - Precinct ILigia ANDREICARo, Eng
 From Kiosk, through Casino, to Kiosk, or about the Recovery of FunctionAdrian BORDARo, Eng
 The Oradea Fortress within the Structure Plan after 1989Andrei LUNCAN - Oana LUNCANRo, Eng
 Conservation Works Carried Out at the Oradea Fortress between 2009 and 2012EMŐDI Tamás - PAFKA ErnőHu, Eng
 Historical Gardens in Transylvania: First Steps for a Systematic ResearchAndreea MILEARo, Eng
1/2013The Importance for Romania of the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society
Faro Convention, 2005
Sergiu NISTORRo, EngGreetings:
 The Conservation of the Aita Mare Communal HallHLAVATHY ZsófiaHu, Eng
 On Historic Roof Structures in Europe
Launch of a New Column
Imola KIRIZSÁNEng, Ro, Hu
 The Historic Roof Structures of the Main Naves in the Romanesque Churches in Vurpăr and ToarclaHorațiu SUĂTEANRo, Eng
 The Park of the Szentkereszthy Manor House in Arcuş, Covasna County
Historical and Contemporary Data
Andreea MILEARo, Eng
 The Mural Paintings of the Calvinist Church in MugeniKISS Lóránd - PÁL PéterEng, Ro, Hu
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