Activitatea lui István MÖLLER în judeţul Hunedoara *** The Professional Activity of István MÖLLER in Hunedoara County


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István MÖLLER was one of those Hungarian conservation architects who, living on the threshold between two periods, took the step forward towards giving up conservation in the purist spirit. His career in built heritage conservation is mainly connected to Transylvania. MÖLLER came to Transylvania for the first time in 1883 and left this territory for good in 1914. This span covers the history of a special connection, which lasted for three decades, starting with an exciting chapter of discoveries, and ending with the tragedy of World War I. During this long period, he wrote an important chapter for the Transylvanian built heritage conservation, and his influence can still be recognized today in the appearance of many historic buildings.
Keywords: monument, restoration, the First World War, Hunedoara Castle, churches