Műemlékek tűzvédelmi tervezése mérnöki módszerekkel *** The Fire Safety Design of Historic Buildings with Engineering Methods


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Our buildings are becoming increasingly complex, not only in terms of their functions, but also regarding the applied structures and solutions. This is especially true of listed and unlisted historic buildings, especially if they gain a new function, different from the original one, during their conservation. The fire safety of these buildings can hardly be designed with so-called descriptive design methods that are based on compliance with prescriptive requirements; the fire safety engineering methods are increasingly spreading instead. In this article, we describe the fire safety design features of the largest and most important, listed historic building, the former locomotive repair workshop (the Eiffel Hall) of the former Northern Motive Power Depot of the Hungarian National Railway Company.

Keywords: engineering methods of fire safety, CFD modelling, fire extinguishing system, heat and smoke extraction